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This website is focusing "GAPING", "Anal Eating","Prostate massage","Fisting Anal to Guy/Girl", without any shitting scenes.
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FAQ(Check before contact)

I couldn't get ID,PWmail.

After the sign up, "In Progress" appears but No any e-mail has arrived.
→It means your Bank or credit card company stops your payment. Please contact your bank to allow ET payment.

Over 1 hour after purchased, you can't get any e-mail or only purchasing mail.
→Can you find the e-mail from in your SPAM folder?
→Did you purchased by free mail adress,, or others?

Please help, I need help, why you didn't reply my e-mail!?
→We reply you every working days. if you can't get, you block our e-mails by your security setting.

Recent Free Mails use very strong spam blocker. so you never get any auto reply mail from .com or others from ISP mail server.
Please register unlock "" on your SPAM software before payment.
If you are away from tricky internet skills, don't use free mails and internet explorler for porn paysite.
if you already purchased, please mail us.

My ID and password are unable to Signup or logon.

Please check Alphabetic Big O and number 0, alphabetic small "l"(L) and big "I"(ai).
>>>100% of logon troubles are these mistake.
Do you attempt to reuse the same ID you has cancelled before?
>>>Once you cancelled, you can't reuse your ID forever. please signup by another ID.
Disable to Copy and Paste
>>>Internet explorer8 doesn't accept copied and pasted ID and password.
Then you should type your ID and password yourself in the basic authorization form very carefully.
We don't know why this change or trouble occur. please contact
or if you don't mind, please change your browser
like firefox or google chrome except internet explorer.
Screen does not change even if you log in with iphone / ipad, or it turns white.

→ If ios does not pass authentication, it is all ios issues or terminal configuration issues.
So depending on what your iphone terminal is, what the browser is, and what the OS versions are,
the correspondence will be different. It is not a problem on our system.
We are also checking the operation with iphone, ipad in advance.

Normally it will be fixed in IOS update. In that case, cancel all security settings.
That's not a bad thing, but if it's not enough you can use a browser such as chrome etc.
IOS will change to a browser that can be authenticated as flash or basic.
Still unfortunately, it can become a problem of any setting such as a version specific to your terminal.
In other words, you have blocked authentication by yourself because you have set your security settings too strong.
Since we are checking the operation with iphone, ipad, and safari browsers at our company,
there is not problem where I can not log in except for the problem of an IOS update.
Since Apple has taken a position which is not compatible with adults,
due to the nature of our content we do not develop completely in compliance with the Apple company's system.
(Because it will be blocked immediately after updating even after development)
Sorry to trouble you, but please learn how to use your terminal by yourself,
check system settings again, and please change the settings.

The movie can't be played smooth.

→Do you use laptop or old spec computer?

Our HD movie or high quality movie need a lot of CPU capacity.
high CPU needs high power supply, so if you use lap top or
old law spec CPU PC, movies are not played smoothly.
if you can change your memory or computer, please try it.
Sometimes our bandwidth is stuck by a lot of access.
Please try access later or see SD quality movie.
Our server is based in Japan, so long distance access has trouble between 2AM-11AM JPtime.
We can backup our bandwidth if you need, please let us know if you can't solve the troube for a long time.


→Please check the underneath of membership instruction page and do it yourself.

Available 30days. When or Which time does it expires exactly?.

→ When you joined at am1:00 in1st march, your ID is available by 23:59 in 30th marach. (japan time)
EX2)When you joined at am1:00 in 1st february, your ID is available by 23:59 in 2nd march (28days in a month).
Your rebill will be in 3rd march morning. for next rebill after 2nd march, your rebill is in 2nd april .
You should consider to timegap between japan and your home country.
Our billing schedule depends on bank business schedule between japan and other country.
mail:contact us
All of our movies members area inside are all Full HD and mobile friendly streaming.
Sample Movie(full HD)
We registered Adult Entertainment Industry-Related Business in Japanese Public Safety Commission through Japanese Police Department(Japanese 2257).
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